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Property Management


What We Do For You?  (DMRE) Denver Metro Realty Executives, LLC offers a variety of services that will guide a property from the beginning of the leasing process to the end.

Our services include:

Market Analysis
Price is the main driving factor in renting a home. We will provide a complete and detailed analysis of the surrounding area to rent your property for top dollar, while simultaneously keeping you in line with the market.

We use several mediums to quickly attract renters, all of which will be set up, maintained, and monitored by our staff.

Making a Unit Rent-Ready
Top condition properties receive top paid rents, and as such, we will coordinate and oversee any necessary steps to get your property in rent-ready condition, including any maintenance and repairs, cleaning, and landscaping needs.

This is perhaps the most time consuming part of renting property. As your managers, we will coordinate and conduct all showings for your property, 7 days a week.

Screening Applicants to Find Qualified Tenants
This is the most important aspect of property management. A great tenant will provide a steady source of income, whereas a poor tenant will incur hours of frustration, and will more than likely cost you money. It is for this reason that we have firm standards by which to measure our applicants. Our screening process includes a criminal, credit, rental history, and employment background check.

Pre-Inspection of Current home

We are best known for tenant retention. One reason is that we inspect the home where the prospective tenant(s) currently live, before recommending their approval. Our experience has proven that the way they are leaving their current landlord pretty assures the way they will leave yours. Turning a prospect down before giving them a chance to tear up your home saves you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs when they move out.

Maintenance Requests
Keeping tenants happy plays a key role in successful property management, and a large part of that is swift response to any tenant maintenance requests. Our team of allied businesses are set up to quickly respond to almost any maintenance issue, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Rent Collection
For tenants convenience, Rent can be paid via; US Mail, dropped in the office drop box or by paying online through our web site with credit card orby setting up a monthly auto withdraw. You then get the balance deposited directly into your account. Firm but fair fines will be enacted on delinquent tenants, as our priority is protecting your investment.

All of our units are inspected upon move-in and at the end of the lease term, and may be inspected every 6 months. Having a set of eyes in the property as often as possible is the first step to discovering, and effectively stopping, problems before they arise or become large and costly.

Evictions and Lockouts
Unfortunately evictions and lockouts are part of the property management process. However nerve-wracking and frustrating they may seem, it is better to quickly and efficiently take action against tenants when need be. For this reason, we use experienced process servers to re-mediate these situations. The result is faster, professional service when dealing with a very time sensitive issue.