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 Denver Metro Realty Executives, LLC

23077 E Orchard Place

Centennial CO 80015

Office: 303-366-3673 Ext 101   Fax: 303-366-3673

Email: danna@dmre1.com


DMRE has been hired by landlord/owner to process applications and verify information such as rental and employment history, credit check, current home inspection, and other duties related to confirming residency qualifications of prospective tenant.


Equal Housing: This application is subject to acceptance by the Owner’s and execution of a lease or rental agreement and is offered without respect to race, color, creed, sex, or national origin. The lease agreement is a legal document binding all parties. Pleases READ all pages CAREFULLY and COMPLETELY before signing.

All information and instructions contained in the application shall become a part of any lease agreement between renters and Owner. Denver Metro Realty Executives LLC, Agents for the Owner.

Applicant(s) agree and understand that the Manager and all staff and employees, represent the Owner exclusively in the leasing process and Applicant is a Customer.           ** See Broker Disclosure


Bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short-sale? We don’t approve on credit score alone; we look at your financial, criminal, rental history and the current condition of your home. Your current ability to pay rent, 3 yrs. rental references, 2 months’ worth of pay stubs, and/or other proof of income.

DMRE do not accept applications from:

  • Any individual(s) who have been convicted of or who has a pending felony charge, within the last 3 years: sexual assault, child abuse, illegal substances abuse, or crimes against persons or property. Nor do we rent to people who have a pending misdemeanor charge involving illegal substances or a crime against persons or property (domestic violence included). Proof of settled cases will help to clear any doubt
  • NO OUT OF STATE CO-SIGNERS. Cosigners must have a credit score of 750 or more.
  • NO ROOMMATES or PERSONS that are moving from parents or friends home, unless each have other, positive, verifiable rental history and minimum of 2 years employment history.

APPLICATION APPROVAL TIME LINE: average 2 business days, depending on responses from employer and landlord references. By notifying your company and landlord, that Denver Metro will be contacting them to verify information, it may expedite the process.

NO RUSHED APPLICATIONS: We will not rush the application process. Your failure to plan ahead is not our emergency and to do so could cause us to miss some very important steps in our process.

** Note: the property remains on the market until tenant is approved, security deposit is paid and lease signed.

Current Home Inspection: A fifteen (15) minute, current home inspection is done prior to final approval to ensure that prospect keeps a reasonably clean and tidy home. Maintain basic housekeeping skills such as; carpets clean, no holes in doors or walls, caulking around tub and shower clean and free of mold, oven and stove drip pans are fairly clean, pets and other odors are at a minimum. DMRE understands you are preparing to move. What we look for are not boxes, but damages. We have learned that how you intend to leave your current home is how you will leave our home in the future when you move.

Also, you must have given proper notice to vacate your current home, per your lease.


APPLICATION Qualifications

Initial below, that you have read the list of required information that is needed to process your application. Bring all the corresponding documents along with application fee(s) with you to showing or the office during business hours. Call before coming to office to insure someone will be in to help you.

Processing time: In order to ensure prompt processing of your application, please initial that you have read each section below, and supplied the appropriate information. Documents must be supplied prior to our processing the application:

1) ______ Application: Application. Fee is: $50.00 fee per adult, 18 and over. This covers credit checks, criminal background check, employment and rental history, and current home review.

Submit a complete, signed application for each person 18 and over (even if they do not work or are children of adults) who will occupy the leased property. Application fees must be in the form of certified funds; Cashier’s Check or Money Order. NO PERSONAL CHECKS. Please be truthful here. Should we suspect that someone, not on the lease, is living in the home without prior permission. That person must provide proof of living at another address or lease can be terminated.

2) ______ Identification: Provide a photocopy of currant photo ID for each applicant; either a valid driver’s license, state-issued identification card with photo, or a valid passport, or other picture ID approved by management company.

3) ______ Security Deposit: Full Security Deposit is due to owner within 48 hours of approval notification, if not paid at time of Application. Payment MUST be paid in the form of a MONEY ORDER or CASHIER’S CHECK. Full Security Deposit will take home off market for 30 days. Partial Security Deposit will hold property off the market for 15 days. Security Deposits are not refundable if approved, lease signed and home taken off market. If tenant cancels contract before move-in, for any reason, other than Landlords failure to adhere to the agreements specified in the lease, Security Deposits will be held by landlord

4) ______ Proof of Residential History: Must have 2 years of Valid and verifiable rental references or, 3 or more years proof of mortgage payments.

  1. a) Copy of lease for home your current home. (Obtain from landlord if yours is lost).
  2. b) Copy of 2 recent bills; utility, medical, or credit card bills showing current address and your name.

5) ______ Income and Employment Verification:

We must verify employment and document income equal to 2 and 1/2 times the monthly rent minimum. The simplest way to prove this is to provide us with 2 months, consecutive pay stubs (photocopies will be fine); or

  1. a) If military personnel; you must provide a copy of your current E .S. ; and sign military clause in lease or
  2. b) If pay stubs are not available; or if they do not clearly identify the employer and the employee, an employment and income verification letter on the employer’s letterhead may suffice, if company is registered with state of Colorado; or
  3. c) If self-employed or a corporation; a copy of your most recent Federal Tax Return and 2 months most current bank statements showing income; or
  4. d) If retired, on SSI, or other forms of income; verifiable pension / retirement award letters will be acceptable: or
  5. e) If you are on unemployment, you’ll need a letter stating how much unemployment you have coming and what tier you are currently on. Tier 2 or 3 will not be approved without employment letter stating you are starting work on a specific date; or
  6. f) Section 8: some homes do not qualify for Section 8 housing. Please ask before you submit applications. You must then supply the family housing packet with the application, for landlord signature. Check your Voucher. The rent we advertise, for one year, must be what you have left on your voucher AFTER your utility allowance is taken from the total Voucher. Call your tech if you are not sure. We do not accept less than advertised rent, nor do we take payments on the side.

6) ______ Pets: (If owner(s) allow pets) Dogs must be house broken and neutered. Submit separate Pet Application for each pet and read the pet rules. There is an additional Pet Deposit of $ 200.00 and $_20_, per pet, pet rent.

  1. WARNING- NO Rottweiler’s, Pit Bulls, or other aggressive-breeds
  2. Pets must be licensed spayed or Neutered
  3. NO large snakes or reptiles NO CATS- DON’T ASK!
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