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I live out of state but have rental properties in the Denver Metro area. I feel my investments are safe because DANNA ROBERTS is there. If I have a quick question she always has an answer, and usually short sweet and IT WORKS! If I need someone to fix something, she has that too, just a phone call away. If she ever retires, I think I may have to sell my properties, because DANNA ROBERTS isn't there anymore.

by Bonnie Ward Condo Owner , State Parks Ranger

Folks, if you're shopping around for an incredible property manager, then you've found her. I feel so lucky, blessed, honored, and RELIEVED to have Danna Roberts at DMRE be managing my rental property for the past year. My previous property manager had the rather unfortunate habit of verbalizing her frustration to me any time that she had to perform any standard and usual tasks that come with the job (e.g., routine maintenance requests, showing the property, etc.), and thus she needed to go. Danna took over with unbridled enthusiasm, energy, optimism, and INCREDIBLE WORK ETHIC. Going "above-and-beyond" is not above-and-beyond for her. Rather, it's her standard practice. She cordially and efficiently handled the property management transfer from my prior PM, and then within a week and change she secured tenants on a two-year lease who pay approximately $300 more per month than the previous tenants. Yet-and this is huge-to verify that these individuals were going to be respectful, responsible, and clean tenants, she actually accepted their dinner invitation at their then-current apartment. She actually took several hours out of her busy schedule to get to know them better (before signing any lease) and again to better ensure that my asset was going to be protected. Over the past year, Danna has continued to be amazing at her job, keeping me instantly fully aware of any concerns, maintenance requests, and so on. And very importantly to me, she's equally responsive and respectful to my tenants; their concerns are fully attended to as is appropriate. Further, she doesn't hold back when she's needed to enforce building rules and policies with them on a couple of minor occasions. All across the board, she simply gets the job done. Above. And. Beyond!

by Jeff Rings, Ph.D., LP Associate Professor and Director, UNC Psychological Services Clinic , University of Northern Colorado

First, I would like to say thank you for making my owning a rental property as painless as you possibly can and I appreciate all the help and hand holding that you have done over the years. really do appreciate your attention to detail. Thank you.

by Ronald Lord Owner-out of state , Sales and Marketing

5 stars! Loved my little condo in DTC! The property manager Danna Roberts is very nice! She takes very good care of all the properties and requests for maintenance were expedited always! A great company to work with!

by Irma Cadwell Realtor , Envato

Danna helped me buy and sell several homes over the years and I love that she has • Local knowledge of the markets: • Professional at all times though we have become good friends: • Responds quickly when I call historical about something in the process. She calms me down and lets me know I'm in good hands. • Negotiation skills are out of this world. Never hit a wall she couldn't find a way to get through it: Denver Metro Realty (Danna) is the only realtor I use. Her expertise is way better than any other realtor I have used in the past. She doesn't waist a lot of time showing me things that are not in my budget, don't meet my list of needs, and she is honest and direct about where we stand and stops me before I make a mistake I'll be sorry for. I like that.

by Marlene Lovato Housing Coordinator , Independent Contractor-Inspector

DMRE is a great company! My wife and I have recently moved into one of the rental properties. Moving in is a huge stress in its self. But DANNA ROBERTS who was our contact was awesome. With her consistent updates and clear communication we were not left in the dark for a second. Making for smooth transition and great experience. Thank you DMRE for making my life a little easier.

by Jason Polland Founder , Colorado Craftsman HVAC

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